Company Profile

      Aardwolf, since its establishment, committed to the professional cooling solutions provided for 13 years, focus on computer cooling solutions, development and manufacture, is the industry's leading "professional cooling solution provider". Products included: CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler, Case fans and other consumer electronics products.  

        The company was founded with the mission of innovative design, high quality manufacture, and sincerity service; participate in the development of the country’s and industry’s actively, output high qualified products for the market.


Why Named Aardwolf?

       Aardwolf, live in the south of the Sahara desert in Africa, has a strong ability to adapt and survive; their keen sense of smell, perseverance, courage to challenge and the spirit of never give up when facing difficulties, group struggle consciousness; is worth every individual learning.

       At the beginning of the company was founded, hope like "Aardwolf", with the spirit of never give up, focus on product research and development, leading the market!